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It has been a long journey, but my fellow classmates and I are now in the final days of the semester and that means all reports and projects are due for Interactive Marketing Communications at St. Lawrence College.

Today, I will be sharing the creative strategy and final pieces from our Content Marketing Plan for Parfait, which is a fresh and frozen yoghurt bar in downtown Kingston. Parfait is a young business that is wants to grow its brand via new and innovative tactics.

My hope is that over the holidays, I will be able to post the full report to my Portfolio, so I will not go into the full research and decision-making process. However, I will share the objectives and creative strategy that led to the creation of 4 types of content: An infographic, a video, a podcast, and a subscription email newsletter.

  1. To create 4 pieces of informative and valuable content for Parfait’s target audience to increase awareness and engagement with the brand online.
  2. Create a positive relationship with Parfait’s brand.
  3. Establish the brand as a unique & essential part of the downtown community.

Our primary target for the campaign are women between the age of 20-35 who are ambitious, active, and concerned about their health.. These women are involved in the community and are constantly looking for healthy options when it comes to food.


Parfait is a new business (5 months old) and this plan will target consumers in the awareness stage and consideration stage. All creative content will focus on the freshness and simplicity of the yogurt product, as well as fueling a healthy body and an ambitious lifestyle.

We really liked the idea of yoghurt as a natural fuel for healthy and ambitious young professionals and students, and this creative idea shows up repeatedly in our content. The last consideration was to maintain a tone that is informative and inspiring.


Parfait Infographic 


Both our video and newsletter feature expert advice from a local nutritionist. We really wanted to focus on the kind of content for people who are making informed choices about what to put in their bodies.


Our podcast continued to build on the idea of yoghurt as a clean and natural fuel by asking community members ‘What Fuels You?’, with the understanding that this could be an ongoing series on healthy living in Kingston, ON.


The newsletter is slightly different in tone as it is less of an awareness piece and is more positioned towards customers who have become loyal to Parfait and have submitted their email address for ongoing content. Once again, this piece is highlighted by expert advice from a local nutritionist, but there would also be a monthly inspirational quote, as well as select pieces from health and lifestyle blogs. *Click on the image for the full email PDF.



In the end, this was one of the most enjoyable projects of the semester because the variety of content meant that we were working on something different all the time. It was also challenging because there is such a fine line between content and promotion. A small local business (especially one that is less than a year old) can produce their own content, but they also need to consistently connect the content to their brand in a way that is not pushy – but rather continues to offer information and value to either potential or current customers.

I believe that we were able to successfully walk the line between content and promotion, but I would love to hear other opinions – especially from those professional marketers out there. Please feel free to add your comments below, or you can reach me through the contact information at the right side of the page. ~~DJB.