Statement on the Decision of Ted Hsu to Not Seek Reelection in Kingston & the Islands

President of the Kingston & the Islands New Democrats and 2011 federal candidate Daniel Beals issues the following statement on the recent announcement that Kingston & the Islands MP Ted Hsu will not be seeking reelection in 2015:

“It was with great surprise that I read the news this morning on Ted Hsu’s blog. As a parent and someone who has chosen a public life, I am greatly moved by his decision to spend more time with his family. As a politician and community representative, I am moved to thank him for the time that he has given to public service.

Public life is a double-edged sword. On the one side, there are very few vocations where you are awarded so much credibility and have so much weight put on your words. It is incredibly validating in that way. On the other side, you are asked in a very real way to give up your privacy, your time and your emotional energy to the community and so many demands outside of your family. This is a sacrifice and a very tough balancing act.

I have known Ted Hsu going back before the 2010 Liberal nomination and he has always been very thoughtful about both sides of public life. I believe that he understood the sacrifice he was making on behalf of the people of Kingston & the Islands in 2011, and I believe that he is making an equally thoughtful and conscientious decision now. 

I thank him for his honesty and his thoughtfulness and for his time in public service. I thank him for serving with dignity and I wish him and his family the very best.”